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Trauma Therapy

Healing From Trauma Is Possible

“Other people have it worse. It’s really not that bad.”

Do you find yourself singing this exact trauma anthem to yourself? According to Dr. Jamie Marich trauma comes from the Greek word “wound.” While some wounds are small and require less effort and time to heal, some wounds take longer to heal, and require greater care. Regardless, they are still wounds that require healing (Marich, 2023). Trauma can be anything that exceeds our nervous system’s ability to cope. “After a traumatic experience, the human system of self-preservation seems to go onto permanent alert, as if the danger might return at any moment” (Judith Herman Lewis). This can happen with major traumas, chronic traumatic stress, or through events that happened repeatedly that we often tell ourselves “That wasn’t that bad.” This can lead to chronic feelings of anxiety, depression, difficulties within relationships, or not being able to really feel much at all. These are just a few symptoms that may occur with a trauma wound.

How Can Peace Of Mind Wellness Help?

As Peter Levine says “Trauma is a fact of life. It does not, however, have to be a life sentence.” Healing from trauma is possible. At Peace of Mind Wellness, our therapists understand that processing some of life’s darkest moments takes having a safe space and compassion. Our therapists are all trained in trauma-informed treatment modalities, and our therapists also understand that we ourselves are survivors of trauma. We view healing as a sacred journey that should not be something that you have to walk alone. It is the greatest honor to let us walk alongside your healing journey.

We believe that trauma requires a “bottom up” approach to heal. Trauma is not just a mental health condition; it is a psychological wound. This means that is very much stored in our bodies and requires a holistic methodology to heal mind and body. Our therapists are trained in many different trauma treatment modalities, including Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS), Somatic Experiencing, Polyvagel Theory, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Recognized by the World Health Organization as a valid, practical approach in trauma therapy, EMDR can ease processing of difficult or painful memories. EMDR may or may not be the right approach for you. A plan and discussion with your therapist can determine how these treatment modalities may or may not work for you.

Let us help you find your path to healing today!

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