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Terri Alm PMHNP-BC

I’m a board certified psychiatric and mental health nurse practitioner, with over 25 years of experience in nursing focused on public health and psychiatry/mental health. I believe that mental health should be first health and that there is a critical connection between physical and mental health.

My approach is holistic, understanding medication can be beneficial but is not the only tool to be utilized. Along with the work you do in therapy, we’ll also explore how nutrition, sleep, and physical activity may be affecting how you feel. Any recommendations I make will be supported by current research; my hope is that we work together to empower you to make informed decisions about your overall health and well-being.

I do my best to be reasonably accessible to patients. You can call, text, or email me directly and I will respond in a timely manner. Your follow-up appointments will be scheduled based on what is appropriate for you and my schedule is relatively flexible.

And a little about me…I’m an avid reader and love to go see live music. I’ve got two dogs, Edith and Louise. Louise often joins me in the office, so you may meet the little white marshmallow at your appointment. And if dogs are not for you, she doesn’t get offended.
Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to meeting you!

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